Shaanxi Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital

Shaanxi Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital


    Shaanxi Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital is located in No. 88, East Section of South Second Ring Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. It was established in 1958. It is a third-class first-class hospital. It is a designated hospital for kidney transplantation and baby-friendly hospital determined by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It is also a diagnostic and therapeutic center for cardio-encephalopathy, family planning, eugenic and child-bearing center and finger-severing hospital determined The replantation center was successively awarded "Advanced Units for Military Participation and Support in Western Development" by the Fourth Headquarters of the PLA, the National Leading Group for Double Support Work, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Political Department of the PLA, the National Model Units for Government Support and People's Love, the First Pilot Units of Research-type Hospital of the PLA, and the National People's Liberation Association of Chinese Hospitals. Honours such as "Heart Model Hospital", "38 Red Flag Unit" of the All-China Women's Federation, and "Advanced Unit of Supporting Government and Loving the People" of the provincial government.

The hospital has cardiovascular medicine, digestive endocrinology, nephrology, respiratory, hematology, pediatrics, cadre ward, oncology, blood purification room, neurology, surgical system, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery, myopia laser department, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, gastrointestinal department, anesthesia. Department of Surgery, Hepatobiliary Chest Surgery, Stomatology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Auxiliary Diagnosis and Treatment, Special Diagnosis, CT Room, Magnetic Resonance Room, Intensive Care Unit, Dermatology Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychological Consultation Department, Radiation Intervention Department (Infertility Department), Laboratory Department, Physical Examination Department, Emergency Department, Physical Therapy Department, Pathology Department, Lithotripsy Room, etc.

    Xi'an Armed Police Hospital in Shaanxi Province has more than 50 specialists, postdoctoral, doctoral and postgraduate students in various disciplines. Over the years, famous professors in China are invited to visit our hospital. Under the leadership's direct care, Xi'an Armed Police Hospital has worked hard and made great progress. It has participated in national and local scientific research projects for many times, and achieved fruitful results. After national evaluation, the first batch of Xi'an Armed Police Hospital was listed as "Grade Three First Class Hospital", the first batch was included in "Public Medical" designated hospitals in Shaanxi Province, and the first batch was confirmed as "Medical Insurance designated hospitals".

    Xi'an Armed Police Hospital in Shaanxi Province has been awarded "the most popular hospital in the whole country", "the trusted unit of consumers in Shaanxi Province" and "the advanced unit in Shaanxi Province". It has been awarded "Bethune Cup of Quality Service" for three consecutive years and "the advanced hospital of service" for five consecutive years. For many years, it has been awarded as "the best unit to create good evaluation and poor evaluation" and "the demonstration unit of industry civilization" by the provincial health system. It has been awarded the title of civilized unit by the CPC Xi'an Municipal Committee and the Xi'an Municipal Government. It has been appraised as "National Demonstration Hospital for People's Reliance" by the Chinese Academy of Hospital Management. It is the lowest medical fee hospital publicized by the Ministry of Health.

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